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From Oliver Dauben <>
Subject Eclipse 3.x <-> Geronimo 1.0 integration trouble
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 16:56:31 GMT
-- hi list,

i'm a bit lost with an issue concerning the eclipse 3.x / g1.0 integration
using the eclipse WTP subproject. this seems _not_ to be an eclipse but a
geronimo issue as the geronimo eclipse plugin is developed in the geronimo
project context.

over the last few days, i tried numerous combinations of the eclipse IDE (3.2M4,
3.1) and the WTP (1.5M4, 1.0, I200602022035) on both win xp and linux and did
always run into trouble when attempting to deploy a stateless session EJB.


does anybody out there have a working eclipse geronimo plugin that is capable of
generating EJB boilerplate code as well as deploy that stuff to a geronimo



eclipse 3.2M4 + WTP 1.5M4:
- xdoclet generator will not generate boilerplate code automagically, manually
seleting 'run xdoclet' will do. nevertheless, problems arise in the
'.JETEmitters' temp project where various imports can not be resolved (e.g.
org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.ejb.annotation). deployment to a local geronimo instance
does not work as no artefact is being generated at all.

eclipse 3.1 + WTP 1.0:
- xdoclet generator generates boilerplate code as expected. nevertheless,
deployment to a local geronimo fails for the reason that there is a validation
error with the 'openejb.jar.xml' deploymentplan (missing 'enterprise-beans'

conclusions (may be wrong):

i can track down both problems to the eclipse geronimo plugin. the first issue
(path trouble) may or may not be addressed by the re-opened GERONIMODEVTOOLS-55
JIRA entry whilst the latter one may be filed under GERONIMODEVTOOLS-02.

my attempt to compile the eclipse plugin from the latest SVN sources failed
yesterday for the reason that the build process has not yet been migrated to
maven2 and i did not yet had the time to re-install an appropriate maven1
environment on my box.

i'm posting this to the 'user' list because i think it is rather a 'user' than a
developer issue. my best guess developer contact would be sachin patel to
comment on this.

cheers, olle

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