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From Chris Wilkes <>
Subject Re: Please help with db2jcc license jar files
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 18:25:27 GMT
Bruce Snyder <bruce.snyder@...> writes:

> One year ago here's what I did just to get the license file to live
> with the JAR:
> But there should be no need to do this anymore as the derbyclient.jar
> file packages a network-aware JDBC driver.

Perhaps you don't need to do it when using derby, but you do need to do it when
using DB2 -- and even with the newly released "DB2 Express-C" edition.

The update was pretty easy, just create a file.txt with
  Class-Path: db2jcc_license_cu-VERSION.jar
in it and do a
  jar umf file.txt db2jcc-VERSION.jar
to update the db2jcc jar file's manifest, adding the license file.  Make sure
the license jar file is in the same directory as the db2jcc.jar file, which is
in the repository/db2/jars directory on my machine.

Thanks Bruce for your clear instructions on your webpage.


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