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From "Saleem Shafi" <>
Subject Geronimo 1.0 + Sun's JavaMail
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 03:27:07 GMT
hey everybody..

i'm incredibly new to Geronimo, so please excuse me if this is a
stupid question..  i searched and searched both the mailing lists and
provided documentation and i'm still a little stuck..

i'm trying to run Geronimo 1.0 with Spring 1.2.6, JavaMail 1.3.2 and
JAF 1.0.2..  these seem to be slightly newer versions of these
libraries than what's packaged with Geronimo 1.0, so i dropped those
jars in my webapps lib directory..  after a while i realized i needed
a deployment plan to hide the Spring classes, since i really needed
the newer ones..  my app uses the Spring mail package to send mail
with attachments and eventually i worked out all the issues so i
actually got an email..  problem was that there was hardly anything in
it..  the attachment was empty and the filename didn't come through.. 
looking at the raw mail message, it seemed a bit short..  then, i
decided to hide the javax.activation stuff, as well and then i got
errors 'cause the Geronimo implementation of those interfaces didn't
match the API version anymore..

so, my task was to use the Sun handlers..  i tried simply hiding the
geronimo implementation, but that did nothing..  after some more
digging i found out that it's the mailcap file that decides what
handler to use..  but, since the geronimo-activation jar file seems to
get loaded before anything in my application regardless of the
hidden-classes setting, that version of the file gets loaded no matter
what i try..  finally i put the Sun copy in my user.home directory and
that did the trick..

my question is, is there any other way to override the
META-INF/mailcap settings that come packaged with Geronimo?  it seems
awfully unnecessary that i make the change for the user rather than
the app..  actually, now that i think about it, could i have just
added META-INF/mailcap to the hidden-classes setting (yes, i know
META-INF/mailcap is a resource, not a class)?  i never actually tried
that..  guess it's worth a shot, but if anyone has any better ideas,
please let me know..  i saw some references to being able to use Sun's
JavaMail implementation in the mailing list, but never an actual guide
to how to do it..



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