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Subject How do I resolve JTA TransactionManger exception?
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2006 16:07:55 GMT
We have an application using db2jcc.jar for connecting to DB2 server.  When
we deploy the application after we created the database pools, we have the
following messages showing up.  Is there any document showing how to use
JTA transaction manager?

Thanks again for many helps in advance.


10:55:09,735 INFO  [DefaultListableBeanFactory] Pre-instantiating
singletons in factory
defining beans
 root of BeanFactory hierarchy]
10:55:09,736 INFO  [JtaTransactionManager] Using JTA UserTransaction:
10:55:09,736 WARN  [JtaTransactionManager] No JTA TransactionManager found:
transaction suspension and synchronization with existing JTA transactions
not available

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