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Subject Re: how can I change the network listener for a web module?
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 21:02:26 GMT

Thank you very much, Aaron.  Yes, we are migrating the web application from
WebSphere 4.0 to Geronimo 1.0.  As you may know, WebSphere provides the
feature called "Web Container Transport" in the JVM configuration to
distinguish the applications by their web listener ports.  So application
listening on the port 8080 is not allowed to listen on the port 9090 which
is listened on by another application.  Why bother?  Well the answer is up
to my lead architect.



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As far as I can tell, you're asking if it's possible to have Geronimo
listen on ports 1 and 2 and have web app A bound only to port 1 and
web app B bound only to port 2.  I don't know of a reasonable way to
do this.  You could in theory deploy two different Tomcat (or Jetty)
web containers, each with a different set of listeners.  But the
deployer does not currently let you specify which web container to
deploy to as part of your deployment operation (you could have 1
Tomcat and 1 Jetty and distinguish, but not 2 or 3 Tomcats or 2 or 3

If you're willing to get sneaky, you can create two web containers of
the same type with two different sets of network connectors.  Then
deploy your first application and note which web containers it gets
deployed to.  Then switch the default web container that the deployer
uses to point to the other one.  Then deploy the second application,
and you should end up with one application deployed to each of the two
web containers, and therefore each one listening on different ports.
But that's more of a hack than a solution, really.  :)

To change the default container that the deployer deploys to, you can
add a GBean definition to the following configuration like this in

<configuration name="geronimo/jetty-deployer/1.0/car">
  <gbean name="JettyWebBuilder">
    <attribute name="jettyContainerObjectName>(ObjectName of container

(or for Tomcat, use the names geronimo/tomcat-deployer/1.0/car and
TomcatWebBuilder and tomcatContainerObjectName)


On 2/10/06, <> wrote:
> I am trying to run the different web applications from different ports
> beside the default port of 8080.  I do not even know how the default gets
> into the my initial web application deployment because I did not specify
> the name like "TomcatWebConnector" any part of web.xml and
> geronimo-web.xml.
> Can I have a sample geronimo-web.xml that deploys a web application other
> than the port 8080?
> Thanks so much in advance.
> Young Kim

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