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Subject Re: Geronimo 1.0 Startup Warnings
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 18:04:53 GMT
Thanks to Aaron Mulder for suggesting me to install Geronimo under a
directory structure with no space in any of the direcoty names! Not only
these warnings are gone now, but also all my other problems are fixed.

My Geronimo was installed under "c:\Program Files", so I moved it to under
c:\, but that did not fix the warnings. So, I deleted and re-installed
under c:\ and my problems are fixed.

Can someone, who is maintaining the installation documents, add these
instructions to the installation notes so that no one else waste time
trying to fix these problems? If these instructions are already there, then
I must have missed or overlooked or did not find -- my mistake, else, well
... we all learn by facing problems and make corrections by making

Thanks again for everyone's help!


----- Message from Aaron Mulder <> on Thu, 2
Feb 2006 11:11:09 -0500 -----
Subject:Re: Geronimo 1.0 Startup Warnings
This is definitely a problem.  Do you have Geronimo installed in a
directory with spaces in the name?  If so, does the behavior change if
you install it to a directory without spaces?


-----Prakash Sajja/Internal_Affairs/TDCJ wrote: -----

From: Prakash Sajja/Internal_Affairs/TDCJ
Date: 02/02/2006 09:55AM
Subject: Geronimo 1.0 Startup Warnings

I have fresh installation of Geronimo-Tomcat-J2EE-1.0 on Windows XP. I
startup the Geronimo server from <Geronimo Home> with command "bin\geronimo
start" and I get warning messages about some GBeans not being started
successfully. Below is the information on my command line console:
Booting Geronimo Kernel (in Java 1.4.2_10)...
Started configuration  1/25   1s geronimo/rmi-naming/1.0/car
Started configuration  2/25   3s geronimo/j2ee-server/1.0/car
Started configuration  3/25   1s geronimo/j2ee-security/1.0/car
Started configuration  4/25  12s geronimo/activemq-broker/1.0/car
Started configuration  5/25   1s geronimo/activemq/1.0/car
Started configuration  6/25   0s geronimo/system-database/1.0/car
Started configuration  7/25   5s geronimo/directory/1.0/car
Started configuration  8/25   0s geronimo/ldap-realm/1.0/car
09:11:37,085 INFO  [Http11Protocol] Initializing Coyote HTTP/1.1 on
09:11:37,523 INFO  [Http11Protocol] Starting Coyote HTTP/1.1 on
09:11:38,116 INFO  [Http11Protocol] Initializing Coyote HTTP/1.1 on
09:11:38,163 INFO  [Http11Protocol] Starting Coyote HTTP/1.1 on
Started configuration  9/25   6s geronimo/tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 10/25   1s geronimo/geronimo-gbean-deployer/1.0/car
Started configuration 11/25   3s geronimo/j2ee-deployer/1.0/car
Started configuration 12/25   0s geronimo/tomcat-deployer/1.0/car
Started configuration 13/25   1s geronimo/welcome-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 14/25   1s geronimo/ldap-demo-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 15/25   1s geronimo/servlets-examples-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 16/25   2s geronimo/jsp-examples-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 17/25   2s geronimo/webconsole-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 18/25   1s geronimo/uddi-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 19/25   1s geronimo/jmxdebug-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 20/25  12s geronimo/daytrader-derby-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 21/25   1s geronimo/remote-deploy-tomcat/1.0/car
Started configuration 22/25   2s geronimo/hot-deployer/1.0/car
Started configuration 23/25   1s geronimo/client-system/1.0/car
Started configuration 24/25   0s geronimo/client/1.0/car
Started configuration 25/25   1s
Startup completed in 63 seconds
  Listening on Ports:
    1099 RMI Naming
    1389 Apache Directory LDAP
    1527 Derby Connector
    4201 ActiveIO Connector EJB
    4242 Remote Login Listener
    8009 Tomcat Connector AJP
    8080 Tomcat Connector HTTP
    8443 Tomcat Connector HTTPS
   61616 ActiveMQ Message Broker Connector
  Started Application Modules:
    WAR: geronimo/welcome-tomcat/1.0/car
    EAR: geronimo/webconsole-tomcat/1.0/car
    EAR: geronimo/uddi-tomcat/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/remote-deploy-tomcat/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/ldap-demo-tomcat/1.0/car
    RAR: geronimo/activemq/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/jmxdebug-tomcat/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/servlets-examples-tomcat/1.0/car
    EAR: geronimo/daytrader-derby-tomcat/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/jsp-examples-tomcat/1.0/car
    RAR: geronimo/system-database/1.0/car
  Web Applications:
  WARNING: Some GBeans were not started successfully:
    ConnectionTracker (starting)
    ActiveMQ RA (starting)
    jms/TopicConnectionFactory (starting)
    TransactionContextManager (starting)
    jms/TopicConnectionFactory (starting)
    Repository (starting)
    DefaultWorkManager (starting)
    activemq/activemq-ra/3.2.1/rar (starting)
    geronimo.client:type=ClientContainer (starting)
    jms/TopicConnectionFactory (starting)
Geronimo Application Server started
Is it a normal startup or am I missing something or some mis-configuration
causing these warnings?

Thank you all! Prakash

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