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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: 1.0 src build fails - Daytrader case problem on box with 512MB
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 00:35:28 GMT
This may actually be caused by having a symlink in the path to the
project.  For example, I have my checkouts in a different place but
symlinked to ~/dev and I saw a "case problem".  The problem is that
the plugin compares the file path to canonical path and if they don't
match it claims there's a case problem, when in fact it's just a
symlink.  If that's the issue for you too, the solution is to either
avoid the symlink or edit the offending Jelly and comment out the



On 2/28/06, Mark Kirkwood <> wrote:
> I have just encountered a rather strange error while building 1.0 from
> source. This is on a FreeBSD 6.0 machine - with the same version of
> FreeBSD, Maven and Java as my other machine where it builds *fine*. The
> only difference is that this box has much less memory - 512MB (the other
> has 2G). I noticed that free memory (from vmstat) dipped to approx 19M,
> but my sample frequency may have been too coarse to pick up a transient
> exhaustion. However swap usage on the box is zero - any ideas?
> The error is repeatable, and I even tried copying the maven repository
> over from the machine with the successful build - without effect!
> build:start:
> multiproject:install-callback:
>      [echo] Running ear:install for DayTrader Enterprise Application
> ear:init:
> ear:ear:
>      [mkdir] Created dir:
> /usr/home/postgres/develop/java/geronimo-1.0-src/applications/daytrader/ear/target
>      [copy] Copying 1 file to
> /usr/home/postgres/develop/java/geronimo-1.0-src/applications/daytrader/ear/target
>      [echo] Building EAR daytrader-ear-1.0 with appxml
> "/usr/home/postgres/develop/java/geronimo-1.0-src/applications/daytrader/ear/target/application.xml"
> File...... /usr/home/postgres/develop/java/geronimo-1.0-src/maven.xml
> Element... maven:reactor
> Line...... 53
> Column.... 110
> Unable to obtain goal [multiproject:install-callback] --
> /home/postgres/.maven/cache/maven-ear-plugin-1.6/plugin.jelly:99:24:
> <ant:fail> Case-sensitive issue: The dependency geronimo:daytrader-core
> has a case problem.  The dependency was either retrieved in the past
> with the wrong case or has been specified with the wrong case in your
> project.xml file.  Fix your project.xml or update your local repository
> with the properly-cased file and try again.
> Total time: 5 minutes 0 seconds

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