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From "A. Zeneski" <>
Subject Updating a GBean's classloader
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2006 20:39:06 GMT
I am attempting to implement a GBean to start up the Open For  
Business suite of applications. Due to large number of libraries  
involved we have some tricky ways of loading the application today.  
Currently we have a small kernel which starts up (much like Geronimo)  
and dynamically loads all the classes and builds a initial classloader.

 From there, using this newly created classloader we startup the  
server components, i.e. JOTM, Tomcat, etc. We are looking to move  
away from this approach and instead of embedding these components  
inside the application, we prefer to run the application inside a  
container. Specifically Geronimo. Now that OFBiz has been accepted  
into the Apache Incubator; I am motivated to get this done ASAP.

What I have attempted to do first was just replace the context  
classload on the current thread of the GBean and used a quick JSR88  
implementation to deploy the web applications using this GBean as the  
parent. However, the classloader obtained (after looking at the GBean  
source code) is cached on the object itself and appears to be immutable.

My second attempt was based on code I found in the Kernel API. After  
creating my classloader, I defined a new GBean (from inside the  
initial GBean which does the classloading). I first grab an instance  
of the Kernel:

Kernel kernel = KernelRegistry.getSingleKernel();

Then I attempt to:

ObjectName ofb = JMXUtil.getObjectName(":role=OFBizCore");
GBeanData ofbBean = new GBeanData(ofb, OFBLoader.GBEAN_INFO);
kernel.loadGBean(ofbBean, cl);

Passing it the classloader *I* created (cl). I was hoping then that  
if I configured the web applications to have the parent  
':role=OFBizCore' in their geronimo-web.xml configuration this would  
set their servlet context classloader would be a child of the  
classloader I created (loading the huge amount of classes/libraries  

However, this bean (ofbBean) remains in the STARTING status and never  
appears to start.

Can anyone suggest to me a way to accomplish my goal.

1) Load all our classes in a dynamic way. I do not wish to copy all  
libraries and configuration files into the standard Geronimo repository.

2) Load our web applications from their current location using the  
classloader from #1. Our web applications are not in a single  
location and are all expanded.

I am open to suggestions.


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