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From Mark Kirkwood <>
Subject Re: 1.0 src build fails - Daytrader case problem on box with 512MB
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 01:18:50 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:
> This may actually be caused by having a symlink in the path to the
> project.  For example, I have my checkouts in a different place but
> symlinked to ~/dev and I saw a "case problem".  The problem is that
> the plugin compares the file path to canonical path and if they don't
> match it claims there's a case problem, when in fact it's just a
> symlink.  If that's the issue for you too, the solution is to either
> avoid the symlink or edit the offending Jelly and comment out the
> check:
> /home/postgres/.maven/cache/maven-ear-plugin-1.6/plugin.jelly:99:24:

Thanks Aaron, that is exactly it - on this box /home is a symlink for 
/usr/home, whereas the other one has its own /home filesystem. Removing 
the path check in the jelly means I get a successful build.

Can I suggest a slight amendment to the error message along the lines of 
"...absolute path check failed - case problem or symlink in repository 



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