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From Lin George <>
Subject Fwd: Re: question about the port number Geronimo is using
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 04:54:03 GMT
  Thank you very much! I have tried to modify config.xml and it works! I changed the TomcatWebConnector
port from 8080 to 8088 and I also changed TomcatWebConnector port from 8443 to 8448. I only
use JSP pages to access database in my application up to now. So, my first question now is
whether it is correct for me to change them -- are there anything else to change?
  Anyway, I have tried by my hand that I can access the JSP pages now, by using URL, http://localhost:8088/<Application_Home>/<JSP_Page>.
  But I am meeting with another trouble, which is that when I use the start menu of Windows
XP, the Administrative console can not be opened since it is pointed to 8080 port. I have
to change it by hand on the Web page to http://localhost:8088/console. Do you know how to
solve this issue so that the Administrative sonsole can be started from Windows XP start menu
  thanks in advance,

Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
  Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2006 09:10:04 -0500
From: "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject: Re: question about the port number Geronimo is using

Most of the ports are listed during the normal startup sequence, with
at least a brief description of what component is listening on them. 
There are a couple that are dynamically bound and not listed there
correctly -- there's a JIRA for this (but it shouldn't affect trying
to run with another app server since they pick an available port at
runtime). The most accurate option is of course to run netstat. :)

If there are any port numbers where you can't tell what's really
listening from the description at stratup, feel free to list them and
we can describe.

As far as changing ports goes, the easiest option is to search and
replace on the port number in var/config/config.xml. Some of the
ports (in particular the web container ports) can be changed in the
admin console, but many of them are not editable in the console yet.


On 2/28/06, Lin George wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am wondering what ports Geronimo are using and each port for which
> purpose. Another question is how to change the ports since I need to install
> two application server on the same machine.
> thanks in advance,
> George
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