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From Olivier Voutat <>
Subject Re: Using Firebird through Jaybird in a JEE application in Geronimo
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2006 11:42:56 GMT
Hi again,

For those who doesn't know, I'm trying to establish a connection between my
J2EE application and Firebird Database using

(yeah,yeah, I know that Geronimo is only certified for J2EE 1.4 but so far
it hasn't be a big issue).

Extra information: The application that I'm testing already worked under
Geronimo using a connection to Firebird through unixODBC without a database

Thanks everybody who replied. Didn't understand very well your .rar issue
David, but anyway here is my situation:

I wasn't trying to create a database pool to do a connection (it is really
necessary ?).
I was trying to make the jaybird-full-2.0.1.jar avaliable to my J2EE.

Current situation, I created a database pool connection with the Database
Type "Other".
In the next config page I put:

JDBC Driver Class: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
Driver JAR: jaybird-full-2.0.1.jar (deployed in the repository trough the
common libraries page)
JDBC Connect URL:
DB User Name: *******
DB Password: *******

After that I did a "Test Connection" and no problem alert was given so I
deployed it.

Deployed my application and it stills gives me the message

Olivier Voutat

On 2/17/06, David Jencks <> wrote:
> On Feb 16, 2006, at 6:22 PM, Olivier Voutat wrote:
> > I'm not getting how to install the driver to make this one
> > avaliable to my applications in Geronimo. Tried many ways, and
> > can't find a way that makes it works. Didn't find any documents
> > about it neither.
> >
> > Can somebody help me about it ?
> I tried deploying the latest rar from the downloads, but it has a
> problem in ra.xml (see firebird issue 1433327).  I fixed the problem
> in firebird cvs, so if you build the rar yourself it will work.
> (I'll also send you a copy privately).  If you want to use something
> closer to the current release, you need to change in ra.xml
>        <credential-
> interface></credential-
> interface>
> to
>        <credential-
> interface></credential-
> interface>
> and repack the rar.
> Anyway, after obtaining a correct rar, you can modify the plan I will
> also send privately to suit your environment and deploy to a running
> server using
> java -jar target/geronimo-1.1-SNAPSHOT/bin/deployer.jar --user system
> --password manager deploy jaybird-2.1.0.rar jaybird-plan.xml
> This deployed OK for me but I don't have a firebird installation
> handy so I don't know if there are other problems.  Please let me
> know of your progress, I would like there to be a wiki page on using
> firebird/jaybird with Geronimo.
> If anyone else would like a copy of the plan I can perhaps get
> started on the wiki page and attach it there.
> thanks
> david jencks
> >
> > Olivier

Olivier & Cidiane Voutat
Rua Praia de Muriú, 9188
Cep 59092-390 / Natal - RN
Tel: (84) 3219-0427 Cel: (84) 9977-3917

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