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From "Fabian Dankof" <>
Subject Geronimo/Eclipse: Can't find bean in jndi
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 10:37:01 GMT
Hi List!

I just set-up a new Geronimo/Eclipse environment with the following

- Geronimo 1.0
- Eclipse 3.1.2 /w WTP 1.0.1
- Geronimo Eclipse Plug-in V1.0

After configuring the server runtime i created a new Enterprise Application
project with
an EJB and a servlet.
The only thing i do is lookup the bean via the auto-generated *Util-Class of
the bean in
the doGet() method of my servlet.
Unfortunately, it comes to an error when the bean is looked up in JNDI. I
get a NameNotFoundException.
Up to now, i extended my openejb-jar.xml file to describe the bean:

---------------------- openejb-jar.xml ------------------------------
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<openejb-jar xmlns=""

Is this file really needed as i have an ejb-jar.xml??

When i log in to the server's console and choose "Application EARs" from the
menu, i can
see the app but the bean does not appear in the "EJB JARs" section. Is that
normal when i
deploy as an EAR??
It seems that the bean isn't deployed. I also tried to deploy a seperate EJB
an look it up
in a servlet which (as far as i remember) was successful.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance,


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