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From "Ueberbach, Michael" <>
Subject AW: transaction behaviour
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 16:03:52 GMT
hello matt,

to answer your first question: I had a look at the database using a neutral frontend (aqua
data studio, that means via JDBC also) while I was testing my EJBs. When using MySQL I could
see the new rows in the database table immediately after calling the method to create the
new EJBs (using a stateless session bean as facade). When using the Oracle DB no additional
rows could be seen in the database table allthough I could read the new Entities by a finder
from the EJB-Container. Directly after shutting down geronimo the addditional rows could be
read in the database also.
I deployed both connections over the console after installing the JDBC drivers (also over
the console). So I have no explicit plan (maybe the config.ser helps? I attache it)
Does it has something to do with a different auto-commit-option?

thanks for your help


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Von: Matt Hogstrom []
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2006 16:28
Betreff: Re: transaction behaviour

I wouldn't expect that behaviour at all.  I've been using DB2 and haven't seen 
that happen.  What leads you to believe that data isn't being persisted at the 
end of the transaction?

So, to restate what you said so I understand:

1. Using MySQL it appears that data is persisted correctly.

2. Using the Oracle Driver you see some caching occurring?

Can you provide the plan you are using that describes the database connections?

Ueberbach, Michael wrote:
> hello all,
> while testing some ejb-apps on geronimo I encountered a significant difference between
different databases as connection pools.
> Using a local MySQL database all transactions (inserting, updating etc) work well. Changing
to a separate Oracle database the behaviour is different. Creating new Entity Beans will be
done on geronimo but not written to the database until geronimo has been shut down. Im using
a thin oracle jdbc driver and CMP.
> Does anybody has any idea where to look after?
> regards
> Michael

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