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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: customer service deployment
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 19:02:28 GMT
On 1/12/06, Alex Andrushchak <> wrote:

> I've created my test service and deployment plan but can't deploy it
> into geronimo.
> There is error message:
> D:\local\geronimo-1.0>ar bin/deployer.jar deploy queryphone-service.jar
> queryphone-service-plan.xml
> Username: system
> Password:
>     Error: Unable to distribute queryphone-service.jar: Unable to load
>     first parent of configuration
>     com/dekasoft/logicland/service/SpiderService
>         No configuration with id: org/apache/geronimo/System
> Deployemnt plan and source of service is attached.
> Is it possible to get intruction how to deploy custom service to geronimo.
> I've read article about Custom quartz service but it use maven for build
> and deployment.
> It is not clear what is going on under cover.


The reason for the error is because the format of the deployment plans
in Geronimo 1.0 have changed slightly. That article uses Geronimo M4
which is vastly different from the 1.0 release. Updating a plan to be
compatible with 1.0 should be fairly easy. Please post just the
deployment plan so that we can figure out what needs to be fixed up.

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