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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Creating JavaMail resource
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2006 04:14:53 GMT
There were two mail threads about this just recently -- one called
"where is gbean for java mail?" and one called "javamail" -- your best
best is probably to check the archives.  You need to write a
deplyoment plan for the mail resource and the various messages in
those threads have the details.  I'm not sure whether everything will
work at the end of the day or not -- there was some report of silent
failures in the SMTP provider.

If worst comes to worst, it's also possible to use Sun's JavaMail
implementation instead of ours, but I'm not sure how to set that up --
I believe that's been covered before on the mailing list, but not as


On 1/21/06, Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter
<> wrote:
> How could I create a JavaMail resource (I see it's not possible using
> web console because Portlet isn't ready)?
> But how could I do it using a *.xml of some kind?
> I could not find any documentation about this... either on FAQ or wiki
> pages.
> Thanks,
> Richter

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