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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: deploying a resource adapter (fwd)
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 03:59:43 GMT
On 1/8/06, Michael Allman <> wrote:
> I think option 3 most closely approximates what I am doing with JBoss, but
> will it deploy three independent copies of the resource adapter archive?
> I'm developing said resource adapter, and when I rebuild it I would like
> to redeploy it once and have all the connection factories use the new
> archive.
> I've tried doing this with configurations that reference the configId of
> the resource adapter as the parentId.  I only get a cryptic error message
> from the deployer.

I'm not sure you can do it with the parentId approach because we don't
have a notion of a RA deployment without any actual instances, so
there's nothing for the parent to hold.

If it was just the code that was going to change, you could put the RA
classes in a JAR in the repository and include it in the resource
adapter plans with an import element instead of packaging the JAR into
the RAR -- but then you'd need to restart Geronimo if you wanted to
switch to a newer JAR.  And that still wouldn't help you if your
ra.xml changed.

It sounds like option 1 or 2 might be best, where you deploy all N
configurations as part of a single geronimo-ra.xml plan, and then when
your RAR is updated, you redeploy the new RAR with the same plan and
all N instances should update as part of the same operation.

David Jencks might have some more insight into this issue as well.


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