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From Daniel John Debrunner <>
Subject Geronimo CMP update statements
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 23:36:31 GMT
At ApacheConUS 2005 I talked with Matt Hogstrom about the SQL UPDATE
statements Geronimo was issuing against Derby for DayTrader.

A single UPDATE statement is generated for a table that updates all
columns using a CASE statement to ensure un-modified columns are not
changed, or in reality changed to the same value. An example is
described in GERONIMO-1080, the syntax may be a little different for Derby.

I see two issues with this approach, one is that for Derby this is
inefficient, and two, and probably more important, all SQL update
triggers will fire due to this modification of all columns. Thus if an
application defines a trigger on update of the address column of a
customer table, then when using Geronimo this trigger will fire, even if
the CMP application is only updating the customer's balance. This just
seems the wrong semantics to me.

Matt had said this was a known issue, and that it was going to be fixed.
The comments in GERONIMO-1080 seem to indicate that this may not be seen
as an issue, though those comments are dated before ApacheCon.

I searched Jira and couldn't see any bug for changing this, are there
any plans to address this?


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