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From Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <>
Subject Re: geronimo 1.0 and jdk1.5
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 18:28:26 GMT
I've deployed an web app on Geronimo that relies on JAR with 22Mb (about 
450K loc), using default memory parameters...


Calvin Austin escreveu:

> The release states 1.4.2 because of the SSL/CORBA api change issue, if 
> you search on the dev list for those terms you will see the thread. 
> Hopefully this can be resolved in the future. One possibility is due 
> to the fact that the Sun JDK 5 JVM introduced more jvm heap tuning and 
> rightsizing. One issue a colleague had during testing our builds was 
> that the permanent generation (reflective data for loaded classes) can 
> be exhausted. Although your application may be small geronimo has its 
> own classes too. The out of error memory will tell you if perm gen was 
> the issue, to workaround that
> -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m
> If you are on linux you can run jmap -heap <your java process id> and 
> it will tell you the permgen and other gc sizes.
> I was using JDK 5 when I wrote my article
> regards
> calvin
> Thor Heinrichs-Wolpert wrote:
>> Are there known issues with running Geronimo 1.0 and jdk1.5?
>> On deploying a small application it more often than not will hang on  
>> not enough memory.  Deploying the same application when using jdk  
>> 1.4.2 has no issues.  I can see in the release notes that it says 
>> you  should use jdk 1.4.2_*, rather than a jdk greater than 1.4.2.  I 
>> can  see many people on the list using jdk1.5 and am wondering what 
>> the  issue might be?
>> Thanks,
>> Thor HW

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