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From Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <>
Subject Re: Fixed context parameters
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 18:26:21 GMT
I'm not sure this it's a really good way for doing things.
In really, I used this because I didn't wan't to lookup values from 
JNDI. It's easier to ask for context parameters.
But at the end, I relyied to much in this functionality from Tomcat.
In real, I should look at other solutions to customize behaviour of my 
app, not using context parameters.
The unique real advantage Tomcat offer in this situation is because when 
I redeploy the app, behaviour parameters don't are overwritten.

So, you have some kind of suggestion? System properties? What about 4 or 
5 instances of same application, but with different values for parameters?



David Jencks escreveu:

> We don't do anything like that.  For us, servlet context params must  
> be set in web.xml.
> I would be willing to consider allowing them to be overridden in the  
> geronimo plan for that web app, but I don't think it's a good idea to  
> have a global override across web apps.  You could try convincing me  
> otherwise :-)
> Another mechanism you might consider is using system  properties.  We  
> have a gbean that lets you set as many system properties as you want,  
> and of course they are available to all applications.  There's an  
> example of this gbean in the rmi-naming plan/configuration.
> thanks
> david jencks
> On Jan 24, 2006, at 4:37 AM, Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter wrote:
>> I'll sumarize my question:
>> there is somenthing like Tomcat's "<Parameter .../>" in Geronimo  
>> that I can use to define web app parameters in a server globally way?
>> Richter
>> Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter escreveu:
>>> Hi!
>>> I have app that users context parameters to define app behaviour  
>>> for each deployment. So, if I put context parameters inside  web.xml 
>>> I running in the risk to override configuration for some  server 
>>> (what is not desirable).
>>> Under Tomcat, I used to define this kind of parameter in  
>>> context.xml for each deployment, like this:
>>> <Context>
>>>   ...
>>>  <Parameter name="containeType" value="D" override="false"/>
>>>  <Parameter name="appletLoginLocal" value="false" override="false"/>
>>>   ...
>>> </Context>
>>> So, even if I put something in web.xml for above parameters,  Tomcat 
>>> will assume values defined in context.xml
>>> There is something similar in Geronimo?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Richter

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