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From "Jakob Færch (Trifork)" <>
Subject Re: javamail
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 08:07:56 GMT

Alex Andrushchak wrote:
> sent: HELO alex
> received : 250
> Failed !
> Cannot send the message with MailerBean:java.lang.Exception: The message 
> can not
> be send : error 
> (org.apache.geronimo.javamail.transport.smtp.SMTPTransportExcep
> tion: no FROM address)
> My configuration is:
>    <gbean name="mail/MailSession" 
> class="org.apache.geronimo.mail.MailGBean">
>        <attribute name="transportProtocol">smtp</attribute>
>        <attribute name="useDefault">false</attribute>
>        <attribute name="host"></attribute>
>        <attribute name="properties">
>            mail.debug=true
>            mail.smtp.port=25
>        </attribute>      </gbean>
> It looks like geronimo doesn't pickup mai.from property value from 
> configuration.
> I do not like to hardcode it into application.

Strange. The mails using the Adventure Builder application have 
perfectly well from addresses. But then again, I don't think the smtp 
server I used rejected mails without a from address, so it might 
theoretically be something else missing than the from: header which 
causes your mail to be rejected.

I guess the following two things would be worth trying:
1. Use another smtp server if you have another would which will let you 
send mail; this is just to check whether the mail has a from: header or not
2. Get your configuration as close as possible to the configuration I 
posted. The only differences I can spot is
   * The mail.from is the _first_ property in the properties attribute
   * There's a space af all the properties
I'm not really sure this formatting stuff have anything to do with the 
problem you're seeing, but could you try it anyway?


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