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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Question on Server Log settings
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:46:42 GMT
The server log viewer does not even provide the option to search by 
dates.  From looking at the code we get a reference to the system log 
and then query the log to get all of the files.  For some reason this 
appears to always return just the current file.  This may be an error in 
the Log4JService.

Of course, this is to get things working the way that it seems they were 
intended to work (with the drop-down list of files).  We can also 
consider making this more functional as with the web access log viewer.

I think that you should open a JIRA on the drop-down failure to display 
the multiple log files.  It appears this is broken.


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> I think I remember that for the web access logs if you search by date
> range it will look into the other files produced for the same log.  It
> may be that the server log viewer doesn't do this.  If not, I'd have
> to think about whether we should try to search old logs automatically
> or just show them all in the drop-down.
> Aaron
> On 1/11/06, Phani Madgula <> wrote:
>>I have a question on Server log settings.
>>Documentation says about Server Log Viewer as follows.
>>   "The File pull-down menu allows you to select the log file to view. The
>>logs listed in this pull-down menu are ruled by the
>>   Configuration File ( by default) specified in the
>>Log Manager portlet."
>>   Suppose I have maximum file size as 300KB. When server log reaches the
>>limit it will create a new log file.
>>   But I am not able to select any previous log files through Server Log
>>Viewer Portlet to view the log messages in it.
>>   The pull down menu displays only one log file which is being currently
>>written to.
>>   does Server Log viewer portlet display all the log files created ?

Joe Bohn
joe.bohn at

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot 
lose."   -- Jim Elliot

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