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From Thomas Peter Berntsen <>
Subject Re: Failure in JMX Connector service
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:36:55 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:
> One thing you can do is look in /etc/hosts and see if anything is
> bound to that IP.
> Another this is to edit the config.xml and change the value of the
> following attribute like so:
>         <gbean name="JMXConnector">
>             <attribute name="url">service:jmx:rmi://
> or</attribute>
>         </gbean>
> change to:
>         <gbean name="JMXConnector">
>             <attribute
> name="url">service:jmx:rmi://*.*.*.235/jndi/rmi:/JMXConnect
> or</attribute>
>         </gbean>
> Where of course you put in the proper values instead of the *s.
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
> On 1/11/06, Thomas Peter Berntsen <> wrote:
>>  Hi guys,
>>  I'm attempting to run Geronimo on a virtual server with Debian Linux
>> installed which has been assigned a certain IP address.
>>  When starting Geronimo through java -jar server.jar, I get a lot of errors
>> relating to JMX.
>>  It all starts like this (note that I have replaced the IP address in the
>> error message with *.*.*.227 as to not expose a public IP):
>>  >
>>  11:07:06,699 WARN
>> [0/car,J2EEServer=geronimo,j2eeType=GBean,name=JMXService]
>> Failure in JMXConnector
>> service:jmx:rmi://localhost/jndi/rmi:/JMXConnector
>>  11:07:06,701 ERROR [GBeanInstanceState] Error while starting; GBean is now
>> in the FAILED state:
>> objectName="geronimo.server:J2EEApplication=null,J2EEModule=geronimo/j2ee-security/1.0/car,J2EEServer=geronimo,j2eeType=GBean,name=JMXService"
>> Cannot bind to URL [rmi:/JMXConnector]:
>> javax.naming.CommunicationException [Root exception is
>> java.rmi.ConnectIOException: Exception creating connection to: *.*.*.227;
>> nested exception is:
>> No route to host]
>>  <
>>  The interesting thing here is that while the IP address this virtual server
>> has been assigned ends with *.*.*.235, the JMX service is trying to connect
>> to the IP *.*.*.227.
>>  I assume the *.*.*.227 address to be the IP of the server hardware (the
>> only explanation I can come up with :-), but I haven't been able to confirm
>> this assumption yet.
>>  But my question is really (besides metioning the problem here in case other
>> people experience it) how I force the JMX service to run with the IP
>> *.*.*.235 instead of *.*.*.227?
>>  I look forward to hearing from you.
>>  Cheers,
>>  Thomas
Hej Aaron

Thanks for answering so soon.

I've also been messing with the config.xml file, but even an entry:

<gbean name="NamingProperties">
      <attribute name="namingProviderUrl">rmi://*.*.*.235:1099</attribute>

and an entry:

<configuration name="geronimo/rmi-naming/1.0/car">
    <gbean name="RMIRegistry">
      <attribute name="port">1099</attribute>
    <gbean name="NamingProperties">
      <attribute name="namingProviderUrl">rmi://*.*.*.235:1099</attribute>

doesn't make the JMX use the *.235 IP.
It's almost like as if whatever entry I make in the config.xml is 
discarded, when it comes to JMX...

Here is some more output from the server (after the list of errors):

Listening on Ports:
      80      Tomcat Connector HTTP
    1099      RMI Naming
    1389      Apache Directory LDAP
    1527      Derby Connector
    4201 ActiveIO Connector EJB
    4242      Remote Login Listener
    8443      Tomcat Connector HTTPS

  Started Application Modules:
    EAR: geronimo/daytrader-derby-tomcat/1.0/car
    EAR: geronimo/uddi-tomcat/1.0/car
    EAR: geronimo/webconsole-tomcat/1.0/car
    RAR: geronimo/activemq/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/jmxdebug-tomcat/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/ldap-demo-tomcat/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/remote-deploy-tomcat/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/servlets-examples-tomcat/1.0/car
    WAR: geronimo/welcome-tomcat/1.0/car

  Web Applications:

  WARNING: Some GBeans were not started successfully:
    JMXService (failed)

Could this be a bug in Geronimo?


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