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From Kristian Köhler <>
Subject Problems configuring Logging behaviour
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 10:21:21 GMT

I encountered problems while configuring the logging behaviour within
the /var/config/config.xml file.

I added the following entry to change the default refreshPeriodSeconds
attribute for the Logger GBean:

<configuration name="geronimo/j2ee-system/1.0/car">
 <gbean name="Logger">
  <attribute name="refreshPeriodSeconds">61</attribute>

But this doesn't seem to work properly. The value doesn't change. (I
checked the value wihtin the AdminConsole and debugged the Log4jService)

I think this is caused by the fact that the AttributeManager GBean is
configured within the same file as the Logger GBean (and this is the
first config loaded). The AttributeManager only configures
Configurations loaded after the initialization of this Configuration.

IMHO this problem occurs with all GBeans configured within this

This might be changed by splittling this configuration into two parts
AFAIK. One for the "core system" (ServerInfo, ConfigurationManager,
AttributeManager, Repository, LocalConfigStore) and one for "additional
services" (Logger). In my opinion users often want to change the logging
behaviour while leaving the config-store location alone. I could supply
a patch if wanted.

Please correct me if I'm wrong and if there is a simpler solution to the
problem ;-)



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