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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject Re: ServiceMix is gone??
Date Sun, 08 Jan 2006 19:31:09 GMT
The ServiceMix integration which was in Geronimo trunk on december, just 
before the 1.0 was planned, was really outdated and uses one old version 
(1.0) of spring.  We had not enough time at the moment to revive it so 
the decision to remove it was taken.
We now have a working set of gbeans in svn head 
that works much better with servicemix 3.0-SNAPSHOT and a geronimo 
deployment plan

which needs to be updated to Geronimo 1.0.
We are planning to test / document this integration asap, so that users 
will be able to use it.

The main feature of this new integration is that ServiceMix is now 
deployed as a real JBI container, which can be used to install standard 
jbi components and deploy service assemblies / service units.  This 
will  be very usefull when used with the new standard jbi components 
developped for ServiceMix 3.0, mainly the servicemix-lwcontainer, which 
can be used to deploy (nearly) standard servicemix.xml configuration files.
The previous integration could only deploy these files, but was creating 
one jbi container for each configuration, so that the components could 
not be wired together.
The main problem, for which we currently have a workaround, that would 
need to be solve for a proper integration is

We will keep informed both servicemix and geronimo user lists as soon as 
the integration is finished and ready to use.

Guillaume Nodet

David Jencks wrote:

> After talking with Guillaume Nodet, it became clear that the  
> servicemix integration previously included with geronimo was  
> completely out of date and more or less useless.  Guillaume was  
> working on an up to date integration that I believe is included/ 
> hosted at ServiceMix.  I'm not sure of its exact status.  I would  
> hope that we could include one or two configs in geronimo to include  
> servicemix at least as an installer option.
> thanks
> david jencks
> On Jan 8, 2006, at 8:12 AM, Hossam Karim wrote:
>> Just downloaded Geronimo 1.0 build with Jetty, and ServiceMix is  
>> gone. I wonder why?
>> The release notes file includes this task:
>> [GERONIMO-1326] - Remove ServiceMix modules / builder from 1.0 branch.
>> Someone please clarify...

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