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From Ted Kirby <>
Subject Fwd: Error: Unable to distribute magicGball-1.0.ear: Unknown TSS GBean reference
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2006 01:01:51 GMT
I did get it to work, both NoSec and SSL.
I fixed three problems:
1. in client-corba plan.xml, fixed module names from
org/apache/geronimo/Client to geronimo/client/${pom.currentVersion}/car
2. in client-security plan.xml, fixed module names from
org/apache/geronimo/ClientSystem to geronimo/client-system/${
3. defined PlanCOSNamingPort=1050 in client-corba/

Ted Kirby

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From: Ted Kirby <>
Date: Jan 10, 2006 6:51 PM
Subject: Re: Error: Unable to distribute magicGball-1.0.ear: Unknown TSS
GBean reference

>On Jan 6, 2006, at 12:05 PM, Ted Kirby wrote:

>> I installed AG10, started the server, started geronimo/j2ee-corba/
>> 1.0/car, then tried to deploy magicGBall, and got:
>> C:\geronimo- 1.0>java -jar bin\deployer.jar deploy
>> magicGball-1.0.ear C:\wasce101 magicgball-corba-nosec-plan.xml
>> and got:
>>     Error: Unable to distribute magicGball-1.0.ear: Unknown TSS
GBean reference
>> (query=geronimo.server:J2EEApplication=null,J2EEServer=geronimo,j2eeTy
>> pe=CORBATSS,name=IdentityTokenNoSecurity,*)
>> has anyone run MagicGBall lately?

> No, it has been broken for some time.  I'm a little surprised by that
> particular error however, I don't remember changing the tss gbeans.

> thanks
> david jencks

I have discovered that starting geronimo/j2ee-corba/1.0/car doesn't always
work properly.
In particular, the TSS Beans don't always start.  There is no error
messages, but no debug statements
in server log, either, when they are turned out.  They just don't start.
But, if you shutdown server and restart, you may get lucky, and they start
up properly.

So, when they do start properly, I get to the runClient stage, and get this
error: No LoginModules configured for
        at .<init>(
        at org.apache.geronimo.client.AppClientContainer.main(

Is that the sort of error you would expect?

>From client-security plan, it looks like it does indeed have login modules.
The client.log looks pretty barren, like the TSS Bean problem above, tho
this client failure is consistent, so far.  :-(


Ted Kirby

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