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Subject docBase
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2006 05:46:50 GMT
I am trying to migrate a webapp from Tomcat to Geronimo.  I have been opening a properties
file using a relative path specified in a System property in  I don't
think this is the best place to put this property and I don't really want to replicate the
path in each individual web application's web.xml.  Any suggestions as to the best place to
define this System property?  

The Geronimo approach is IoC.  Probably all of these properties should be injected somehow.
 Several settings are database connection parameters and these should be moved to Connection
pool definitions.  Another setting is the path of a log file and this probably should be made

Finally, one of our database servers is rebooted every Sunday and this kills all of the connections
in our connection pool.  We've tried doing cron-based shutdowns of Tomcat/Geronimo to rebuild
the Connection pool, but this has proven unreliable and would seem to be a rather ham-fisted
approach to rebuilding the Connection pool anyway.  Any suggestions as to how to elegantly
rebuild the Connection pool?

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