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From Bob White <>
Subject How to replicate Tomcat GlobalNamingResource JNDI lookup
Date Sat, 14 Jan 2006 10:01:06 GMT
On another server, in a standalone Tomcat server, I locate a properties file using a JNDI lookup
by adding the following entry in my server.xml file.
  <!-- Global JNDI resources -->
         <Environment name="" 
             value="/usr/local/tomcat/conf/" />
  I am migrating to Geronimo (WAS-CE, actually) and cannot figure out quite what to put in

  I can guess most of what I have to do, except for how to express the location of the file
(which is set in the "value" attribute on the "Environment" element shown above).
  What is the analog of that in Geronimo?  Do I need to add a META-INF/context.xml file?
  Here are snippets of my web.xml and geronimo-web.xml files:
        <description>Server Properties</description>


  I'm guessing that <naming:resource-link> is where I put the path of the file.

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