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From Michael Allman <>
Subject Re: deploying a resource adapter (fwd)
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2006 04:12:28 GMT
On Sun, 8 Jan 2006, David Jencks wrote:

> On Jan 8, 2006, at 7:38 PM, Michael Allman wrote:
>> I'm developing said resource adapter, and when I rebuild it I would like to 
>> redeploy it once and have all the connection factories use the new archive.
>> I've tried doing this with configurations that reference the configId of 
>> the resource adapter as the parentId.  I only get a cryptic error message 
>> from the deployer.
> that ought to work, I've done it with a chain of about 6 resource adapters 
> that share classes.  However I think option 1 will be by far the most 
> convenient for you.

Option 1 is not really a workable option for me because the connection 
definitions support unrelated applications.  I want to keep them in 
separate files in separate projects.

I'm attaching a couple of deployment plans.  The resource adapter I'm 
deploying is for Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB XML and can be found at

The file "dbxml-ra.xml" is supposed to be the "minimal configuration" plan 
I deploy with the resource adapter archive itself.  The file 
"dbxmltest-env1.xml" is one of the connection definition configurations. 
It is my intention that it reference the resource adapter instance 
deployed with the "dbxml-ra.xml" plan.  So I do

java -jar bin/deployer.jar berkeley-dbxml.rar dbxml-ra.xml

and that works.  Then I do

java -jar bin/deployer.jar dbxmltest-env1.xml

and that fails with

Error: Unable to distribute dbxmltest-env1.xml: Cannot deploy the
     requested application module

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.


> thanks
> david jencks
>> Michael
>> On Sun, 8 Jan 2006, Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>> I believe there are 3 ways you could do this:
>>> 1) Create a single geronimo-ra.xml with more than one resourceadapter
>>> entry in it, each of which defines a separate Geronimo configuration
>>> (including a separate outbound connection factory)
>>> 2) Create a single geronimo-ra.xml with one resourceadapter entry,
>>> containing one outbound-resourceadapter, containing one
>>> connection-definition, containing multiple
>>> connectiondefinition-instance elements (each for a separate database
>>> or whatever the resource adapter connects to)
>>> 3) Create multiple geronimo-ra.xml files and deploy them each separately:
>>> java -jar bin/deployer.jar deploy foo.rar geronimo-ra-1.xml
>>> java -jar bin/deployer.jar deploy foo.rar geronimo-ra-2.xml
>>> java -jar bin/deployer.jar deploy foo.rar geronimo-ra-3.xml
>>> ...
>>> Of the three approaches, I think the last is the best in that you can
>>> start and stop and manage each of the configurations independently.
>>> However the first two let you combine your configurations into one
>>> deployment unit if you'd prefer to manage them all together (and would
>>> also let you pack the geronimo-ra.xml file into the RAR if you'd
>>> prefer to).
>>> Thanks,
>>>    Aaron
>>> On 1/8/06, Michael Allman <> wrote:
>>>> My question (below) didn't seem to make it to the list, so I'm resending
>>>> it.  Apologies if this results in a duplicate.
>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>> Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2006 20:06:34 -0500 (EST)
>>>> From: Michael Allman <>
>>>> To:
>>>> Subject: deploying a resource adapter
>>>> Hello,
>>>> How do I configure several connection factories for a single (outbound)
>>>> resource adapter in Geronimo 1.0?
>>>> In JBoss 4, I copy a rar file into the "deploy" directory, and then I 
>>>> copy a
>>>> bunch of -ds.xml files into the same directory.  Each -ds.xml references

>>>> the
>>>> same rar file.
>>>> Thank you.
>>>> Michael

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