Well, If you are starting the Geronimo process from a command shell, many shells allow for redirection of standard outputs

for example

prompt>startScript 2>/var/error.out.log

where '2' indicates the handle for the standard error stream [a C & Unix convention]

prompt>tail -f /var/error.out.log

On 12/15/05, "Jakob Færch (Trifork)" <jrf@trifork.com > wrote:
I'm deploying an application where beans System.err.println's exception,
then throws a new exception without wrapping the original. The
application is the Adventure Builder sample application - so making the
code behave is not an option.

The "println instead of logging" behaviour makes debugging quite
uncomfortable, since I can't seem to find the System.err.println output
anywhere. It doesn't seem to go into var/log/geronimo.log.
Errors printed from ejbCreate()'s during startup appears on the console
(interweaved with log4j output).

Can anyone help me locate the missing output?