Jetty and tomcat tarballs look good so far on redhat.  One quirky behavior I noticed (but not a showstopper AFAICT) is that if the directory that you start the server from is not writable then you get an error message saying that velocity.log can't be created.  I updated GERONIMO-1370 with the appropriate info.

On 12/19/05, Dave Colasurdo <> wrote:

- redirect links for "additional docs" and "additional samples" are
broken.  Believe we can fix this up with the redirects at and
  doesn't require changes to the build.

The confluence links have changed, perhaps due to work on GERONIMO-1386(?).  You're correct that once the confluence links stabilize that we can update the redirects at without requiring changes to the build.

- As expected, the shutdown exception (GERONIMO-1371) still occurs.
Would be nice to get this in the Release Notes if we respin for some
other reason.  Otherwise, perhaps we just have updated Release notes
available on the download page..

I also see the shutdown exception and agree it would be nice to fix this in the release notes if we respin.   Also there is a minor typo in the release notes at line159: "released" should be "releases".
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