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Subject Re: TranQL connector for MySQL (Local and XA)
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2005 21:54:40 GMT
Actually mine did work. I am sorry if you got the impression that it 

I will try out your code if I get a chance. It looks like my migration 
project from WebLogic will
be put on hold, although I did establish that it's feasible.

Jeremy Boynes <>
12/04/2005 09:33 AM
Please respond to user

        Subject:        TranQL connector for MySQL (Local and XA)


You said you had issues contributing the MCF that you wrote so I took a
swag at implementing a connector independently. I added a new vendor
module to TranQL which builds against today's 3.2.0-alpha download but I
have not tested that it works (not having a MySQL database to hand).

You can get the code from TranQL CVS under vendors/mysql

You will need a download/build of Connector/J and may need to tweak the
project.xml in common to match the version. As with the other
connectors, the driver does not get bundled in the RAR.

If you could test this against your configuration and let me know of any
issues I would appreciate it.

Jeremy wrote:
> I just want to report that I now have an instance of Geronimo that's 
> 2-phase commits with a MySQL 5.0.x database, using a recent nightly 
> of
> the connector/j driver.


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