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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Using Geronimo shared library in Websphere way
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2005 02:10:30 GMT
There are generally two choices:

1) parentId and/or import, which add another application module or
configuration as a parent of the current one.  Between the two of
those, you can add any number of "parents".

2) dependency, which adds third-party libraries (outside any
application module or configuration) to the class path of the current

There is no way other than parent/import for one application to access
the WEB-INF/classes of another (though you could presumably put all
the contents of that in a JAR and access it via a dependency).  If I
understand your situation correctly, I think for you the one child
could just use many import elements to bring in all the parents it


On 12/4/05, lubaki nsele <> wrote:
> It is possible  that an application running under Websphere to make use of
> other application classpaths using Shared Library; Geronimo has a way to
> accomplishing this?
> The parentID approach can not really work for I have several web
> applications that will expose their classpath in this way( WEB-INF/classes)
> to only one other application.

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