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From Alan Vinh <>
Subject Geronimo readme for new app developers?
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2005 18:50:38 GMT

I'm new to Geronimo and would like to write some JSP scripts and 
Servlets to run under Geronimo. I'm a little familiar with the Tomcat 
directory layout and how it works but can't seem to get things to work 
for Tomcat running under Geronimo V1. Reading through the help page (see 
link below), there is an example of how to deploy the helloWorld JSP 
script into Geronimo.

The above example works fine but it is running under Jetty (i.e. port 
8080). If I go to port 8090 or 8453, the default ports for Tomcat, I get 
the 404 error ("The requested resource (/hello/) is not available"). How 
do I get Tomcat to work or should I stick with Jetty which I'm not 
familiar with...

I'm new and learning to write servlets and JSP, so I'm looking for some 
easy to follow instructions/readme files/links to get a newbie going 
without getting too technical into the architecture of Geronimo. I've 
been reading the draft document written by Aaron Mulder (see link below) 
but it was for version M4 not V1. Can you point me to some updated 
documentation for the "user" (not the developer) that shows what happens 
when you deploy an application to Tomcat (running under Geronimo) and 
how to access that new application as well as what happens in the 
"config-store" directory?

It seems that the helloWorld application was stored in the 
"config-store" directory so if I wanted to make modifications to it, do 
I re-deploy using the SAME command but with a different WAR file? Can I 
just update the "config-store" directory with the new files instead?

Thank you for any information.

Regards - Alan

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