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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Re: Release 1.0 Status - Release Candidate 20051219 Available for Review
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 15:05:59 GMT
Have downloaded and tested teh latest candidate and can offer the 
following feedback:

- startup verbosity on windows is fixed..

- The latest Release note updates seem to be missing from the build. Hmm 
the code change email notifications had indicated that Aaron committed 
the changes.. ??

- redirect links for "additional docs" and "additional samples" are 
broken.  Believe we can fix this up with the redirects at and 
  doesn't require changes to the build.

- As expected, the shutdown exception (GERONIMO-1371) still occurs. 
Would be nice to get this in the Release Notes if we respin for some 
other reason.  Otherwise, perhaps we just have updated Release notes 
available on the download page..

- Deploying a sample application war results in a new deployment 
exception for *Jetty*.  This works fine for *Tomcat*..  Hadn't seen this 
in previous builds..

org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: web.xml includes 
security elements but Geronimo deployment plan is not provided or does 
not contain <security-realm-name> and <security> elements necessary to 
configured security accordingly.

   See the full exception stack:

Strange.. the error is shown in my console but not in the geronimo.log 

The war file are at:

Have attached both my Jetty and Tomcat Deployment plans..  BTW, this is 
one of the default examples that we include in the distributuion.  I 
have changed the plan from car->war and changed the context-root as part 
of the test..



Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> That said, the new build is available at 
>  and the file names are:
> geronimo-jetty-j2ee-1.0-20051219.tar.gz
> geronimo-jetty-tomcat-1.0-20051219.tar.gz
> Please take time to review the builds and provide your feedback.  As 
> noted above, barring a catastrophe this will be the release that will go 
> out as 1.0.  There are many additional features and fixes we want to get 
> into the release but we also need to get a release to our users.  
> Assuming the TCK passes and there is no negative feedback then we'll 
> start a vote for the release.  TCK testing was started around 0300 EST 
> on 12/19.
> It is very important to take the 30 minutes needed to download and test 
> the server.  Please take that precious time sooner than later :)
> Matt

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