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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Release 1.0 Status - Release Candidate 20051219 Available for Review
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 08:29:19 GMT
The feedback on the candidate from yesterday was positive and most of the folks 
reporting issues on the previous release have commented back and indicated that 
those problems have been addressed.  The most significant issue being the race 
condition fixed by Dain as well as some console issues raised by other folks. 
Thanks to all for their quick turnaround of problems and comments.

Today on e-mail and IRC there was discussion about three additional issues that 
were asked to be considered for the final release.  They were:

Correct a script for Windows to reduce the verbosity of the startup. 

Fix a problem with Tomcat Clustering GBean (I think Jeff is opening a JIRA for 
this one)

Security issue where the user requested secure pages but they were not being 
honored by the server and potentially left them insecure (GERONIMO-1384).

After talking with Aaron, Jeff and John about the impacts I decided to apply 
their fixes to the 1.0 branch to build and test them.  My rationale was as 
follows (-1's on my thinking welcome...we'll not really...but I'll accept them):

- We indicated that clustering would be available in 1.0.  We knew there was an 
issue and Jeff had the fix in hand.  Given that we had to re-run CTS and this 
fix was simple and localized I felt that it was important enough for the project 
to be included.

- The security error was significant in that the user had no warning that a 
requested feature would not be honored.  The fix provided by Aaron effectively 
detected the condition at deployment and aborted with an error message telling 
the user what was wrong and to take corrective action.  A better fix is planned 
but was beyond the scope of 1.0 so this stop-gap is sufficient for 1.0.

- The verbose batch script on Windows was providing a lot of extra and 
unnecessary information and since that is the user's first impression I felt it 
was important enough to address for 1.0 and included that as well.

That said, as release manager I am officially declaring the release closed 
barring TCK failures or any other serious issues.  Serious in my mind means 
corrupted data or intolerable outcomes.

That said, the new build is available at  and the file names are:

Please take time to review the builds and provide your feedback.  As noted 
above, barring a catastrophe this will be the release that will go out as 1.0. 
  There are many additional features and fixes we want to get into the release 
but we also need to get a release to our users.  Assuming the TCK passes and 
there is no negative feedback then we'll start a vote for the release.  TCK 
testing was started around 0300 EST on 12/19.

It is very important to take the 30 minutes needed to download and test the 
server.  Please take that precious time sooner than later :)


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