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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Release 1.0 New Build Available
Date Sun, 18 Dec 2005 08:03:19 GMT
I have rebuilt the 1.0 server with the following JIRA's incorporated and this 
was at Committed revision 357442 of subversion.

The server started successfully on my system (Mac OS) for both Tomcat and Jetty. 
  I wiped out my Maven repo before rebuilding so to the best of my knowledge it 
works on my system and should work on yours.

The images are available at

The files are:



Note: These files extract into ./geronimo-1.0 which is different than the file 
name.  Please ensure that any previous release of Geronimo installed in that 
directory tree has been removed.

Please take time to download and run through the images and verify they start 
and stop without errors (there are some known ActiveMQ errors at shutdown around 
connection problems.  I believe these can safely be ignored and will be fixed in 
  a near term release.)

Post comments back to the list and we'll incorporate the changes quickly and 
keep the train moving.

I have not had time to download and retest these images to make sure they made 
it up correctly.  Any problems reply back to this thread.

Mr. Blevins and Mr. Jencks, I hate to impose on you but can you start a TCK run 
on this build and barring any major issues this might be it so it would be good 
to have verification of the build.


- Matt

Here is the list of defects incorporated into this build.

GERONIMO-1363 - DayTrader still using old geronimo-spec files - applied by Matt
GERONIMO-1364 - update welcome pages to point at HTTP redirects in the site
GERONIMO-1372 - Exception during startup - TradeEJB - Fixed per Dain
GERONIMO-1373 - DB info portlet not working correctly - Applied by Matt
GERONIMO-1375 - Invalid login to console should not produce stack trace
GERONIMO-1377 - Startup Warning on tomcat - unknown default host. - Fixed by Jeff

Deferring to 1.1
GERONIMO-1371 - Geronimo startup/shutdown issues

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