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From John Sisson <>
Subject Re: Where does output from bean code to System.err go?
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 05:31:45 GMT
In Geronimo 1.0 some new startup scripts have been provided that are 
very similar in operation to Tomcat's startup scripts.  There are two 
ways Geronimo can be started that result in output being redirected to a 

1. start
2. (this script invokes with the start option.

The start command issues a command along the lines of:

    java -jar bin/server.jar --long  >> var/log/geronimo.out 2>&1 &

Run the script without any arguments for help (and other 
ways of starting geronimo, e.g. in the foreground or under a debugger).


Dave Levitt wrote:

> Well, If you are starting the Geronimo process from a command shell, 
> many shells allow for redirection of standard outputs
> for example
> prompt>startScript 2>/var/error.out.log
> where '2' indicates the handle for the standard error stream [a C & 
> Unix convention]
> then
> prompt>tail -f /var/error.out.log
> On 12/15/05, *"Jakob Færch (Trifork)"* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     I'm deploying an application where beans System.err.println's
>     exception,
>     then throws a new exception without wrapping the original. The
>     application is the Adventure Builder sample application - so
>     making the
>     code behave is not an option.
>     The "println instead of logging" behaviour makes debugging quite
>     uncomfortable, since I can't seem to find the System.err.println
>     output
>     anywhere. It doesn't seem to go into var/log/geronimo.log.
>     Errors printed from ejbCreate()'s during startup appears on the
>     console
>     (interweaved with log4j output).
>     Can anyone help me locate the missing output?
>     Jakob

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