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From Stefan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Web Services Question
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 11:15:03 GMT
Hi Manu,

As long as your WS is JAX-RPC conformant you can deploy either type - 
document or rpc-style Web services.

As for the differences between both, there is a long list... Basically 
document-style is far more coarse grained and 
business/document-oriented, also I think this is the future of WS. 
Document-style WS can be used in synchronous and asynchronous scenarios 
as opposed to rpc which only supports synchronous invocations. RPC-style 
is really what the name says - invoking remote procedures. Many 
developers find this style easier to understand.

I find this article quite comprehensive:

Hope this helps.


Stefan Schmidt

Manu George wrote:

>         Can you deploy Document style web services in Geronimo? If so what
>are the differences in deployment from JAX-RPC style web services?

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