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From Guillaume Nodet <>
Subject Re: Packaging GBeans and dependencies
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2005 11:01:54 GMT
Thanks for this reply.
I'm trying to use the geronimo.include property in my project.xml to 
include jars in the
car file.  The effect is to add an entry named "jar" in the car which is 
the dependency,
but when i try to add several includes, only one is kept.  I think there 
is a problem with the name
of the jar entry.
I have searched all xml files for the "geronimo.include" string, but 
found it nowhere.
Do I have to specify something else ? Or if this is a bug, can someone 
roughly point me where to
look at ?

Guillaume Nodet

David Jencks wrote:

> On Dec 6, 2005, at 1:07 AM, Guillaume Nodet wrote:
>> I'm looking for a way to package a set of gbeans with its 
>> dependencies, and have not found any so far.
>> From what i understand, the configuration can refer to jars (with the 
>> dependency tag) that are stored in
>> the repository, but i have not found any way for these jars to be 
>> added at deployment time,
>> or to refer to jars that would be deployed with the configuration 
>> (and not refering to the repository).
>> My main goal is to be able to deploy the whole configuration 
>> (including the dependencies) in a
>> single command using the deployer and to avoid manually copying all 
>> the dependencies to the repository.
>> I'm quite sure i have missed something.  Can someone please tell me 
>> the best way to achieve this ?
> If you are using maven 1, perhaps the packaging and assembly plugins 
> will work for you.  With the packaging plugin, you can specify the 
> dependencies in your project.xml file and they get inserted into the 
> plan before deployment.  It puts the car file into your local maven 
> repo.  The assembly plugin installs a car file from the maven repo 
> into a geronimo server, and also copies all the dependencies into the 
> server's repository.  I'm working on command line versions of these 
> tools, although I'm not sure how soon they will be usable.
> Another possibility is to use the "include" option which copies the 
> contents of all the dependencies so marked into the car file.  This 
> may be what you want but is AFAIK 100% untested.
> For examples of how to do this stuff look in the configs and 
> assemblies directories.  This is how the server will be built in the 
> near future.
> thanks
> david jencks
>> Cheers,
>> Guillaume Nodet

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