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From Paul McMahan <>
Subject Re: Release 1.0 Status - Release Candidate 20051219 Available for Review
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 16:54:27 GMT
Jetty and tomcat tarballs look good so far on redhat.  One quirky behavior I
noticed (but not a showstopper AFAICT) is that if the directory that you
start the server from is not writable then you get an error message saying
that velocity.log can't be created.  I updated GERONIMO-1370 with the
appropriate info.

On 12/19/05, Dave Colasurdo <> wrote:

- redirect links for "additional docs" and "additional samples" are
> broken.  Believe we can fix this up with the redirects at and
>   doesn't require changes to the build.

The confluence links have changed, perhaps due to work on GERONIMO-1386(?).
You're correct that once the confluence links stabilize that we can update
the redirects at without requiring changes to the build.

- As expected, the shutdown exception (GERONIMO-1371) still occurs.
> Would be nice to get this in the Release Notes if we respin for some
> other reason.  Otherwise, perhaps we just have updated Release notes
> available on the download page..

I also see the shutdown exception and agree it would be nice to fix this in
the release notes if we respin.   Also there is a minor typo in the release
notes at line159: "released" should be "releases".

Best wishes,

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