They represent different possible web container configurations. In a fresh M5 archive download (i.e. zip/tar.gz, not the installer), you should find 4 xml files in var/config:

config.xml -- this is the config file which will be used when starting the server
config.both.xml -- sample config settings for both jetty and tomcat
config.tomcat.xml -- sample config settings for tomcat only
config.jetty.xml -- sample config settings for jetty only

For example, to switch to a jetty-only configuration, copy 'config.jetty.xml' to 'config.xml', and start your server.


On 11/22/05, Lin Sun < > wrote:
I am trying to understand why we have 2 server config.xml files in var/config directory,
one is config.xml and the other is config.tomcat.xml.

I tried to change the tomcat web container port number to 8888 in config.xml and restart
the server.  The change took effect after the restart.

Then I changed the tomcat web container port number to 8811 in config.tomcat.xml and
restart the server.   Nothing that I can notice changed.

Does this mean config.tomcat.xml is not being used at the server initialization?  Can
someone explain how to use config.tomcat.xml?



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