We have a whole list of classes whose static initialization needs to happen in
a specific order. If a thread tries to use any one of them before the class initialization
is completed, it can cause deadlocks, which will stop the application from starting.

I don't code like this myself, but I inherited this, and my focus here is to get this deployed
on Geronimo the fastest way possible. It's about money.

I was thinking that your kernel already has a concept of dependencies, and it does have
to figure out the graph of gbeans so that if A references B that start() is called on B before
it's called on A.

So maybe I can create two gbeans: one is the one that does the initialization (B), and the other
is just empty and references it (A) and is part of the j2ee app configuration? Then B should
get initialized before A?


David Jencks <david_jencks@yahoo.com>

11/23/2005 12:05 PM
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On Nov 23, 2005, at 11:47 AM, Guglielmo.Lichtner@instinet.com wrote:

> I am migrating an application from WebLogic to Geronimo. It consists
> of EJBs but it also has a "startup" class,
> meaning a class whose main() method has to be invoked before the ejbs
> are deployed. Unfortunately this class
> performs a huge initialization procedure during class initialization,
> and it really has to be done before anything else.
> In WLS there is a <startup> tag in config.xml, and a similar tag in
> weblogic-application.xml. To do the same in Geronimo
> I am guessing that I can declare a <gbean> inside
> geronimo-application.xml. Is that correct?

Yes.  However, I'm not sure what you need in terms of timing or what
you mean by "before the ejbs are deployed".  Our deployment process
results in defining gbean instances for each ejb, and the application
configuration just has all the gbeans in it.  Without doing more, there
is no guarantee that your startup gbean will start before any ejb
container gbean.  On the other hand, your custom gbean is fairly
certain to get started before any ejb instances are created or any
calls to ejbs occur.  If you need your startup code executed before any
ejb class is loaded however, we'll need to find another solution.  Can
you tell us anything more about what kinds of things you need to do and

david jencks
> Thanks
> Guglielmo
> P.S. Your server looks very clean. Thanks for all the work.



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