Ok I have a server runtime defined in the preferences.. And yes i can create a Dynamic Web Project and in the drop down the Apache Geronimo Server is in the list.

So I guess there is a bug in the Geronimo plug in? or an issue with the web tools? Does it work for you? If so what versions are u running?

Brad Messerle

On 11/2/05, Sachin Patel <sppatel2@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Brad,

If you go to preferences-->Server-->Installed Runtimes, is Apache
Geronimo listed? If not then the drop down will be empy until you define
a new server runtime by clicking New.

If you do have the runtime defined (defining a runtime is different from
different from defining a server), then can you try any of the other
project creation wizards (Dynamic Web Project for example) to see if the
runtime appears as a choice in that wizard?

Also WTP M8 was built requires Eclipse 3.1.0 not 3.1.1, so this may have
something to do with it.


Brad Messerle wrote:
> I am trying to create an EAR Application project. I have a Geronimo
> server defined and works great.
> But when i do a new ear project, there is a drop down for a server and
> my defined server does not show up and can not create a new ear project.
> Any ideas? Is this a existing or known bug?
> Thanks
> --
> -bm