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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Introduction and Question
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2005 08:22:13 GMT

On Nov 11, 2005, at 6:56 PM, Jian Liao wrote:

> Hi,
> J2 Final is going to release soon, I would like to integrate it with 
> Geronimo. The progress that I made on last week include ( Thanks for 
> David Jencks ):
> 1. Package J2 into ear file.
> 2. Deploy it to geronimo successfully.
> 3. J2 engine startup successfully(both jetty and tomcat 5.5.9).
> The issues that need to be resolved:
> 1. Integrate J2 security with geronimo security gbean.

Do you have a reference for any j2 security documentation?  It should 
be easy to deploy a login module provided with j2 in geronimo.    From 
that you can map principals to roles using a standard geronimo security 
configuration.  However I seem to recall that j2 has its own portlet 
security framework that involves access to the Subject.  I might be 
able to suggest a way to integrate this if I knew more about it :-).
> 2. Classloader confliction issues(Springframework, Jdom)

This __ought__ to be moderately simple to resolve by careful use of 
geronimo dependencies  and configuration parents.  More details would 
be helpful.
> 3. Portlet application auto-deploy issue.

This is apt to be more difficult, since the geronimo model is I believe 
rather different from what I think J2 is doing.  For Jetty,  we process 
every web artifact (servlet, filter, filter mapping etc.) into a gbean 
whose configuration is stored in a binary configuration object.  This 
can then be started with no further deployment steps.  (the tomcat 
process still involves some runtime deployment activity).   I'm not 
quite sure how J2 relates portlets to servlets.  To fit Pluto into this 
model, we would configure a gbean for each portlet that would be a 
servlet wrapping the portlet.  If j2 uses a different model, such as 
deploying the portlets as spring components, we would ideally do 
something like configuring a gbean that would register the appropriate 
component with spring.

Again, if you can point me to some J2 documentation for what the deploy 
process does, I might be able to offer some more concrete suggestions.

david jencks

> - Jian Liao
> On 11/12/05, Lawrence Tilly <> wrote: Thanx 
> for the info so far.  I'm happy to hear Pluto is already
>> leveraged in Geronimo and there is some success getting Jetspeed2
>> running.  I may not have time to tinker around with it as a complete
>> learning experience for a few weeks, so I'm  holding out hope someone
>> already blazed the basic trail and left a map.  If not, then I'll be
>>  sure to pass on info / lessons learned when I make progress.
>> Any other replies / input are appreciated!  :-)
>> -L

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