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From Kenji Nakamura <>
Subject Re: Has config.list been gone from HEAD?
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2005 18:56:52 GMT

Ok, let me confirm the change. Until M5,
 * config.xml contains parameters that are modified frequently. The
existence of those entries doesn't affect the module loading.
 * confiig.list is a convenient way to list configIds instead of
listing in command line of start.jar.

 * config.xml has the responsibility for the parameters and loading.
If I want to exclude a module from loading, I need to comment out the
chunk of "configuration" element.

Is this right?
Then, it raised two questions/comments.
1. If I want to override the config.xml, do I need to list all
configIds in command line? Is there a way to specify something like
grep's -f option?
2. Usage displayed by "java -jar server.jar -help" is not updated. The
statement mentioned about "var/config.list" (I think that should be
"var/config/config.list") should be removed.



On 11/30/05, Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
> The config.xml now includes the functionality that was previously in
> config.list -- so you should be able to control things by putting in
> the correct config.xml.
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
> On 11/30/05, Kenji Nakamura <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just download the latest source from svn, and noticed there are no
> > config.list templates in var/config. I copied one from M5 and put in
> > the directory, but it seems not be looked up and default modules are
> > loaded.
> > I can control if I launch with -config option, I can control the
> > modules to be loaded.
> >
> > Has the strategy to use config.list changed?
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> >
> > --
> > Kenji Nakamura
> >

Kenji Nakamura

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