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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: deploying a database plan
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2005 14:33:28 GMT
On 11/24/05, Brian Bonner <> wrote:
> Hi, I'm relatively new.  I've been doing reading and I want to deploy
> a datasource using this plan:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <connector xmlns=""
>         xmlns:sys=""
>         xmlns:naming=""
> configId="net/sf/jt400"
>         parentId="org/apache/geronimo/Server">
>         <resourceadapter>
>                 <outbound-resourceadapter>
>                         <connection-definition>
>                                 <connectionfactory-interface>javax.sql.DataSource</connectionfactory-interface>
>                                 <connectiondefinition-instance>
>                                         <name>AS400Datasource</name>
>                                         <config-property-setting name="UserName">user</config-property-setting>
>                                         <config-property-setting name="Password">demo</config-property-setting>
>                                         <config-property-setting name="Driver">
>                                         </config-property-setting>
>                                         <config-property-setting name="ConnectionURL">
>                                                 jdbc:as400:
>                                         </config-property-setting>
>                                         <config-property-setting name="CommitBeforeAutocommit">
>                                                 true
>                                         </config-property-setting>
>                                         <config-property-setting name="ExceptionSorterClass">
>                                                 org.tranql.connector.NoExceptionsAreFatalSorter
>                                         </config-property-setting>
>                                         <connectionmanager>
>                                                 <local-transaction />
>                                                 <single-pool>
>                                                         <max-size>10</max-size>
>                                                         <min-size>0</min-size>
>                                                         <blocking-timeout-milliseconds>5000</blocking-timeout-milliseconds>
>                                                         <idle-timeout-minutes>30</idle-timeout-minutes>
>                                                         <match-one />
>                                                 </single-pool>
>                                         </connectionmanager>
>                                 </connectiondefinition-instance>
>                         </connection-definition>
>                 </outbound-resourceadapter>
>         </resourceadapter>
> </connector>
> I copied tranql-connector-1.0.rar from the /repository/tranql/rars
> directory and placed it in the same directory as my plan.  Is this
> required?

You don't need to copy the RAR.  For example, if you ran this from the
Geronimo install directory, you could run "java -jar deployer.jar
deploy plan.xml repository/tranql/rars/tranql-connection-1.0.rar"

> Am I using the correct namespaces to validate the database plan?

That looks like the correct namespace for M5 and beyond.

> Is this the correct way to generate the datasource on the server?

If you have a source build, there's a portlet in the console that can
walk you through the process (but it's new since M5).

> Is there a way to reference the rar on the server?
> I run this command and I get this error:
> deploy --user system --password manager deploy
> tranql-connector-1.0.rar geronimo-ra.xml
>     Error: Unable to distribute tranql-connector-1.0.rar: No builder
>     found for namespace:
> or default
>     namespace:

It sounds like perhaps the connector deployer isn't running?

> I have started the tomcat instance and stopped jetty on the server
> manually using deploy.

Well, this might have caused you trouble.  I think the deployer is
configured to run against Tomcat or Jetty, whichever the server
shipped with.  So if you just disable one and enable the other your
web apps are likely to be deployed the wrong way.  The best way to
switch between Tomcat and Jetty is to copy over the
"config.product.xml" to "config.xml" in geronimo/var/config while the
server is not running -- though that will have the side effect of
resetting the list of running applications next time you start the
server (so you may have to restart some of them).

I'm not sure why this would have affected the connector deployer,
unless maybe you stopped more that you realize.  Can you run "java
-jar deployer.jar list-modules" and post the output?  It should show
o/a/g/RuntimeDeployer and o/a/g/(WebServer)RuntimeDeployer as running.


P.S. If you have a source build, you can also run "java -jar
deployer.jar login" so you don't have to put the username and password
on the command line every time.

> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Brian

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