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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Geronimo CMP Engine
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:08:29 GMT

Hopefully if someone has made this switch they'll speak up.

Speaking generally, I don't think we've seen a lot of "I've converted
from X to Geronimo" stories yet.  I expect we'll set more of that in
motion once 1.0 is released, which we're targeting for December.

Personally, I haven't deployed anything to production on Geronimo,
though I've done a number of demos and I plan to try a conversion of
one of our big internal apps at work once 1.0 is released.

As far as conversion tools go, I think this is something that it
should be reasonably easy to put together -- something that reads
server-specific deployment descriptors from an application configured
for a different vendor's product and emits a Geronimo deployment plan
based on that information.  The only thing holding me back from
working on that is (in this case) that I don't really know anything
about JOnAS deployment plans.  Are you familiar enough with the JOnAS
syntax that you could work with someone more knowledgeable about the
Geronimo deployment plans and together work out the conversion rules?


On 11/18/05, Hans Prueller <> wrote:
> Hi together,
> some months ago I did some first tests with Geronimo - we're currently
> building
> a J2EE-App runing on JOnAS application server. Due to some bad errors within
> the Transaction-Management/CMP-Engine in JOnAS we're forced to have a look
> at alternatives to JOnAS. In fact we would like Geronimo, as we have
> made lots
> of positive experience with Apache/Jakarta projects. The recent release
> of IBM's
> WAS CE boosted our migration ideas again...
> In fact I would be interested if Geronimo is already ready for
> production usage in a
> real world scenario? We have learned that beeing j2ee-certified doesnt
> guarantee that...
> As our project is a rather large and complex one, migration is
> inherently combined with
> lots of hours of work - we know about some JBoss-to-Geronimo migration
> tutorials or
> tools, is there anything similar for JOnAS? I'm not sure...
> Are there any former JOnAS users out there on the list who have made
> some experience?
> I would really like to get some more information or something like
> "success stories" before
> we'll start putting efforts into migration and testing...
> thanks for any response,
> Hans

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