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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Introduction and Question
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 16:17:28 GMT

Geronimo currently uses an embedded Pluto container to run the
portlets for the management console -- so it can be done.  However,
our integration is "not very good" in that there's no dynamic layout
capability or generally the kind of stuff you'd expect from a "portal
server" as opposed to a "J2EE server with portlet container".

If you want to try it out you can get the source for the
console-framework web module and just update the Pluto config files to
lay out pages with your portlets in your web app instead of our
portlets in the "console-standard" web app.

That said, better integration with proper layout features and all are
on the road map, just not for v1.0.


On 11/11/05, Lawrence Tilly <> wrote:
> Hello, all.
> As a quick intro I have been supporting IBM WebSphere apps for a large
> New England company since v3.5 ( primarily on v5 and v6 now ).  We are
> also starting to introduce IBM's WebSphere Portal product.  Those two
> are what have brought me here today...
> At the WebSphere Technical Exchange in Miami a couple weeks ago I was
> introduced to the Geronimo project.  I am trying to set up a
> playground area for myself to try out a few things and exercise a
> little more freedom in development ( at a lower cost than a full-blown
> IBM solution! ).  My preference was to use Geronimo as my application
> server and an ASF project as my portal container.  My first choice was
> Pluto.  I have Geronimo up and running and am starting to play with
> some basic apps there, but it appears from a few hours of research
> that Pluto is currently targeted at Tomcat.  I decided to take a look
> at Jetspeed2 as another alternative, but it too is very Tomcat-centric
> in it's documentation and configuration. I've been checking the mail
> list archives for both of those projects as well as some Google time,
> but not making any progress ( beyond getting a nagging feeling that I
> will need to change to Tomcat ).
> I know based on the roadmap for Geronimo that native JSR-168 Portlet
> support is an "advanced feature" and not yet there, but both Pluto and
> Jetspeed2 Portlet containers appear to only need support for Servlet
> 2.3 or higher, and Geronimo offers 2.4 ( backward compatable to 2.3 ).
>   So...
> Is anyone currently running a Portal container ( preferable Pluto or
> Jetspeed2 ) under Geronimo, or familiar with a good source to
> reference in regards to it?
> advTHANKSance!
> -L

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