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From Hans Prueller <>
Subject Re: Geronimo CMP Engine
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 06:29:32 GMT
 >> something that reads server-specific deployment descriptors from an 
application configured
 >> for a different vendor's product and emits a Geronimo deployment 
plan based on that information.

I already thought about starting a project doing similar stuff: 
reading/parsing product-specific DDs,
generation of some meta-info format in between and using this 
meta-format for generation of
server specific DDs again - a from X to Y conversion tool one could say.

But currently I'm rather short of time and did not yet start, in 
addition I know JOnAS for about
3 years know but I have rather no experience with other servers. Perhaps 
we'll find some guys
who'd start up this project....


Aaron Mulder schrieb:

>Hopefully if someone has made this switch they'll speak up.
>Speaking generally, I don't think we've seen a lot of "I've converted
>from X to Geronimo" stories yet.  I expect we'll set more of that in
>motion once 1.0 is released, which we're targeting for December.
>Personally, I haven't deployed anything to production on Geronimo,
>though I've done a number of demos and I plan to try a conversion of
>one of our big internal apps at work once 1.0 is released.
>As far as conversion tools go, I think this is something that it
>should be reasonably easy to put together -- something that reads
>server-specific deployment descriptors from an application configured
>for a different vendor's product and emits a Geronimo deployment plan
>based on that information.  The only thing holding me back from
>working on that is (in this case) that I don't really know anything
>about JOnAS deployment plans.  Are you familiar enough with the JOnAS
>syntax that you could work with someone more knowledgeable about the
>Geronimo deployment plans and together work out the conversion rules?
>    Aaron
>On 11/18/05, Hans Prueller <> wrote:
>>Hi together,
>>some months ago I did some first tests with Geronimo - we're currently
>>a J2EE-App runing on JOnAS application server. Due to some bad errors within
>>the Transaction-Management/CMP-Engine in JOnAS we're forced to have a look
>>at alternatives to JOnAS. In fact we would like Geronimo, as we have
>>made lots
>>of positive experience with Apache/Jakarta projects. The recent release
>>of IBM's
>>WAS CE boosted our migration ideas again...
>>In fact I would be interested if Geronimo is already ready for
>>production usage in a
>>real world scenario? We have learned that beeing j2ee-certified doesnt
>>guarantee that...
>>As our project is a rather large and complex one, migration is
>>inherently combined with
>>lots of hours of work - we know about some JBoss-to-Geronimo migration
>>tutorials or
>>tools, is there anything similar for JOnAS? I'm not sure...
>>Are there any former JOnAS users out there on the list who have made
>>some experience?
>>I would really like to get some more information or something like
>>"success stories" before
>>we'll start putting efforts into migration and testing...
>>thanks for any response,


virtually hanzz...

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