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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: Building revision 331695 of geronimo-eclipse-tools from scratch
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 20:30:14 GMT
Hi Gerhard, I couldn't find anything suspicious on my end.  I had 
someone build on windows and they were able to build.  What version of 
the JDK are you using?

As far as undeploy.  It doesn't currently work due to the following open 

I'd really like to get you up and running, so if theres any other info 
that you can provide that would help me out.  Does this error occur 
every time? From the root of the tree
can you run "maven -o clean -Declipse.home=/wtplocation/eclipse/".  Then 
rerun the build?

Also, after re-running, can you go to your src tree  and send me as an 
attachment to my email address the .log file which should be located 
inside .../plugins/temp/.metadata.

Do you have another machine you can try on?


Gerhard Poul wrote:
> Hi Sachin,
> "Sachin Patel" <> wrote in 
> message
>> What platform are you building on? Linux? Looks like something is 
>> referencing a windows "C" drive.  I'll take a look and see if anything 
>> catches my eye.
> That would be great. Yes, I'm building on Windows, so the path C:\java\ is 
> ok.
>> Also to give  you a heads up (and I just found this out yesterday) that 
>> the integration driver was announced prematurely as  you may have seen the 
>> following message on the download site:
>> NOTE: some pretty serious problems have been found with this build, so 
>> some function is badly broken.
>> Regardless, you still should be able to compile successfully on this 
>> driver.
> That's ok for me at the moment, just trying to get it built because actually 
> I wanted to test if the deploy/redeploy works in the latest build because I 
> had problems in all the other versions I tried. So right now I'm just trying 
> to get it to build.... after that I'll worry about functional problems and 
> I'm sure we'll have another integration build by then, it seems.
> Gerhard 

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